Add a sports calendar to your publication web site

Here’s a cool and easy addition for your publication web site: A running weekly sports calendar.

Step One. Create a Google account for your publication specifically for sports. Use a publication domain e-mail address or one you will have control of after today’s student moves on.

Step Two. Create a calendar under Google Tools for campus sporting events. You’ll have to spend some time at the beginning of a season entering all the data into your calendar, but do all the schedules for a season (or year).

Step Three. Create a Google Gadget calendar. You can customize the look and size with the options afforded. The address for the calendar, of course, will be the Google calendar created in Step Two.

Step Four. Grab the embed code the Google Gadget calendar creates and go to your web site. For College Publisher users paste the code in the summary field. (If using CP5 be sure to switch to source view.) You can also put it in your story view if you want, but you may want to change the width in the parameters because the article page has more width to work with.

The calendar will now show up on your page as a “story.” What is cool about this is that it is a scrolling calendar the reader can use to go forward and backward with the schedule. You set this up at the beginning of the semester and then never have to touch it again. You simply keep your Step Two calendar up to date with additions or deletions …. or consider adding win/loss results to games as they occur so you have a way for users to check results.


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