Learning to Twitter JACC

JACC again experimented with Twittering its annual convention last weekend. A handful of volunteer correspondents was recruited and results are mixed.

See the results at the Twitter RSS feed or a PDF download where I’ve reversed the posts so that one can read them in order.

Seems to me that in many tweets I read that the author has forgotten that the point is to share news, not report about himself/herself (see some of the later tweets). But students this year did better than in previous experiments.

What I see missing the most, though, is context. Even though one has only 144 characters to work with the REPORTER needs to keep the READER in mind and give context. For instance entry No. 14 talks about an award being well deserved, but if the reader were not at the event already would he/she know what the reporter is talking about. I think not.

Still, JACC ran the project as an opportunity to learn. Hopefully, journalism instructors across the state will use the transcript as a basis for discussion on effective news twittering.


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