Nice job combining RSS tools

El Camino College has just combined two tools I have recommended in the past and come up with a nice hybrid for showing blogs on your web site.

Previously I have recommend Google Gadgets as a way to put a Custom RSS widget on your web page that grabs the headlines of a blog’s RSS feed and display them on a page. At the Cerritos College Talon Marks we even a have page of Google Gadget Custom RSS widgets to feature blogs.

But I really like what El Camino Union online editor Miyu Kataoka did today after a little online consultation with me. She combined the tool I recommended earlier this week, FeedWeaver, and the Google Gadget tool to pull headlines from multiple blogs.

Further, she used a feature of the Custom RSS tool that I had not tried before: when you click on the headline, instead of taking you to the blog site away from your publication it pulls in the text right there. Of course, there are limitations to the use of this feature as you’ll see if you choose the blog with a big picture, but overall it is a nice effect worth taking a look at. I’ll certainly recommend it to MY students.

Depending on when you check it, you’ll see the gadget at the bottom of the page or the right hand column. She’s in the process of learning the Page Designer tool of College Publisher 4.0 as I write this.


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