Interesting perspective on the future of news

Ryan Sholin’s blog entry today, “Enough handwringing, let’s get down to business” is an interesting read.

What’s the future of news? What does the audience want? What will the dead-trees edition be able to do about either?

Lately, it seems like these questions are brought up by newspaper editors and journalism educators fraught with worry over what will become of their medium and of their readership. (And the children! Won’t somebody please think of the children?!)
They write editorials and cluck over how journalism students don’t read the newspaper anymore.

No, we don’t. We read more than that, we do it faster, and we do it at a level of depth that correlates to the amount of time or interest we have for the topic.

Actually, his conclusion might be scarier for some of us than the proposition that newspapers will die. But you see good examples of it cropping up in places like Bakersfield and Riverside.


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