Podcasting course at San Jose State

Lots in the blogosphere today –at least the blogs I check in on on a regular basis– about a new podcasting class at San Jose State starting up this semester (next week). I think this class is a direct descendent of the Rethinking Journalism Education workshop at Morro Bay last winter. Okay, it probably was in the works before that knowing Steve Greene and knowing about Steve Sloan.

Anyway, the new class has its own blog and there is even an mp3 download to learn more about the class. Check it out. Good example of how to give a little more personal feel to promotion.

Of course I’m thrilled to see one of the CSU programs in the state get srious about new media courses, but as the blogosphere talk says, too bad it is focusing on podcasting and not approaching a wider look at multimedia story telling. (From the podcast, sounds like it really IS a multimedia storytelling class.) I’m extra excited that they made it a lower division course.

Speaking of which, we’ve been trying to start a multimedia storytelling class at Cerritos College this semester. Though we got a lot of interest from people both on our campus and at newarby campuses, it looks like it might fall just short of the 20 students we need to make it go this semester.

BUT, we WILL offer it in the spring, and with it actually in our college’s printed class schedule we should be able to make it go. We’ll cover podcasting, but also photo slideshows, Flash presentations, blogging and more. I still think it would be a great class this semester for community college journalism instructors to learn what this is all about and gain some skills to go back and introduce it in their programs.


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