More on Florida paper being bought

Note: Updated to include part 2 of interview.

While the sale of the Florida student-run paper being bought out by a Gannett paper does not affect many JACC schools directly, and may never because none of our papers are truely independent of our schools, there are interesting issues about the role of student newspapers that makes following the story valuable.

To that end, some may want to visit some other blogs that are talking about the sale.

Start with Kiyoshi Martinez’ TPS report on “Should College Papers Sell Out? Yes!” and the followup with the Reinventing College Media interview of Martinez Part One and Part Two. Martinez is associated more with the Illinois Daily Illini, not the Florida FS View & Flambeau. The interview touches on some issues some of might think about, such as the give-and-take of a big pockets owner in the case of a law suit.

I, for one, enjoy the attention being paid to student newspapers in the media the last week. While we’re talking university papers here, some of the same issues of relevant branding of the student newspaper applies to community college papers as well, and is a strong argument for a strong student press.

See an earlier JACC blog entry on this topic.


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