Editor’s Camp

Just did an Editor’s Camp signup report for Timi Poeppelman. The “final count” (I think she’ll still accept latecomers if you contact her) rests at 23, five for the design camp and 18 for the leadership camp. The camp is in Pismo Beach next week.

Leadership CampTwenty-three. That’s an okay figure, but no where near as good as it should be for the fine training our students will receive. Think of all the leadership issues our editors will face in just a few weeks when we start new school years! Wouldn’t we be wise to have our students get some excellent outside training to supplement what we’ll provide? Timi is outstanding in putting together good conferences and I know she taps into some good talent from within the organization.

Of course, I can’t talk too much about this without throwing some stones my way. No Cerritos College students are going. I offered it to them, but there are two big issues: Timing and cost.

Most of the students are working during the summer and it is tough to get together with them for lunch –one of my favorite mid-summer training tools– much less get them to leave town for a few days. We’ve struggled on when to hold Editor’s Camp and dead summer is just poor for my students. Early August MIGHT be better, but probably not.

While the cost is not too unreasonable (lodging, meals, transportation probably adds up to about $200 per person), cost becomes an issue to. Now, I’m in a position I could afford to pick up the costs for the students, but my school won’t let me if I am not attending. We can circumvent the rules, but what kind of example is that for them. They’d nail any other program, especially student government, for trying that. I’ve just finished teaching summer school and just really do not want to go out of town next week. It is rare for me to not want to participate in a JACC activity, but I think it boils down to the timing issue again.


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