Rich CameronI’ve been blogging several months at Rich’s Musings about how I teach journalism at Cerritos College and feel that it is time for me to stretch into an additional topic area. And I do a lot of thinking about JACC, so I thought I’d start this blog about JACC, journalism education in general and related activities.

But I’m hoping that I will not be the only contributor. It seems to me that the value of blogs comes with shared ideas. Anyone is invited to comment on blog posts, but I will be watching to keep out junk I’ve seen in other blogs, stuff that is clearly commericial. If anyone wants to become a regular contributor I’d love to have you join me. Just contact me and we’ll work out the privileges for posting.

Anyone interested in community college journalism education is encouraged to join the discussion. JACC students have a separate MySpace blog and may want to direct some discussions there, but are welcome to participate here, too. And, of course, JACC faculty have a listserve that will continue to be a great discussion spot, too.

Rich Cameron


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